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Gabe Bondoc

Gabe!! pinapasmile mo ko. 😀
Ganda ng boses niya, tapos tingnan mo lang mukha niya habang kumakanta matutuwa ka na. haha
Love it.



I’ve been struggling for days in front of the laptop. Naiipit ako sa Facebook at paper works. Nakakainis kasi wala talaga ‘yung drive para mas gawin ‘yung paper works kaysa sa pag-scroll sa homepage ng Facebook ko. Grrr.

And Guess what? Nakukuha ko pang sisihin ang Facebook. I feel the may evilish spirit ito na nagiimpluwensya sakin na ms tumutok sa kanya. Alam ko ng mali, kasi nasa tao naman ‘yun. ‘Yung motibasyon niya at kontrol sa sarili. Well, for me, I lack a lot of it. Grrr! talaga. >.<

Naiisipan ko ngang i-delete pero ang pumipigil sakin eh, it's my connection with my father also na nasa ibang bansa. And I could elaborate or open up more things to him through messaging sa Facebook kaysa sa phone. Atsaka, nasa akin talaga ang mali. I have to know how to control myself.

Paano na lang kapag nagtatrabaho na ko diba? Enough of these, Angel!


Sino ba ‘yung dating Angel?
‘Yung kalooban ng dating Angel?
Na-miss ko ‘to. 😀
Sana may maisulat ulit ako.
May maisulat akong, Ako.

I love you Michael Jackson!!!! You do have a good heart. =) A very genuine one.

                I just watched the movie “This is it”. Thanks to my friends in the industry who give a great difference of discounts, but yeah, not-so-original-type-of-watching-experience.

                What the people that I’ve been talking to and how Kris and Boy agreed that Michael Jackson is truly a straight man, and for me, with a heart that cares, were the very things I felt within that documentary-like movie of his rehearsals. It made us get a closer witness of how much Michael does that passionate effort on his craft, aside from seeing the main production, that is magnificent in itself.

                He literally touched my heart whenever he would say, “I love you.”.. “God Bless” to the staff, in between their rehearsals. He has that inert respect and appreciation for the people, but at the same time instructing the people how to be exact on what he imagines a certain part of the production would be. I admire him whenever a does a different thing and he would instruct him/her and say afterwards, with a smile and his typical soft voice, “That’s why we rehearse”. Making them feel fine and not to be intimidated with their mistake.

                I feel inspired by him right now and hoping to always be.

                I love how I see him after watching the movie. I know, this is cliché, you only realize the worth of a person even more when he’s gone.

                I guess it’s not that, I or we did not entirely saw and felt Michael Jackson’s true worth, It was just not enough. I’ve overlooked his heart… maybe because I thought, he did not want his race at all.. that he is a gay who abuse little boys in his neverland farm.. that he is such a weirdo or a mad artist after showing off his child from a window, several floors high. It’s because, the truths on that matter were all covered up, and were easy and ready information were the negatives. The media abused his goodness.. that’s how it was. I would like to perceive it as that.

                Just recently, I went to National Bookstore as a personal hobby of browsing almost everything that is being sold in it. When I was in the part of books, I saw “UNMASKED”, I wanted to buy it but as usual, I can’t. The lack of money, dude. I got even more excited when I read the teaser at the back of the book.

                That was what I exactly wanted, to know the truth about everything that has to do with his death. The plain thing that happened.

To satisfy somehow my longing for the book, I searched for the reviews on the internet, but then I was disappointed with how the critics think about the book and the author. One of the many oppositions on the book was a blog in http://bestofmichaeljackson.jclondon.com, and the title was “Buyer Beware – “Unmasked” Complete Trash! Why? Because it is full of mistakes, fiction and unproven accusations.”

                I guess, they don’t believe or commend how the author got the information for the book.. or simply because they’re against MJ. *sigh* I won’t let it lead me into believing their own beliefs on MJ but I would still preserve what I truly felt about him and I would still want to read that book, no matter what, then have my own judgment.

                My tip and realization on this blog? Create your own judgment, your own perceptions, as much as possible, listen but don’t always be deceived, be your own investigator.

                So, the title of this blog entry’s kind of way far huh? But, it fits somehow. Well, I got the title and why this blog was created on the first place, was because, my sister was bullying me, (though I triggered it haha) and so, I just watched the movie and I was feeling very positive at the time, I didn’t fight back and instead started this blog on my notebook and wrote the title first and that was for her.



 Stade de France

State De France sa Paris, France. Mmm. Nakikini-kinita ko ang sarili kong nakahiga sa open field na ‘yan. =) *day dreams*

     Darn. I can’t wait to be on my own! And hear my parents say whenever I would tell them that I would have my OWN (meaning: just by myself) trip, “Okay, siguraduhin mong mag-iingat ka.” And no other worries than that. *day dreams again*

     Currently, I’m at the age of 18 and I have a lot of DREAMS I want to get aa grip of,  BUT I also have a lot more of inferiority and worries in stock. +_+ And, that what kept me from losing a lot of chances from the past that really made me regret and resent myself until now. It was like losing your lottery ticket and forgot all about it, but your number combination actually won.

     The difference now is, I’m not forgetting my lottery combination number and I am making sure I’m holding tightly my ticket =) but, losing a bit of confidence if it will win the game and might stop betting. =(

     But, like what the quote that I just read coming from Confucious’ mind, It does not matter how slow you go, so long as you do not stop.” This is one of the forces that boosts my optimism tank, being able to read words that mean to liven up one’s heart.

    Currently, I’m still holding on to these hard-to-hanlde ropes that are tied up to my dreams because I want to lay down on that field. HaHa. X) Of course not only that.


but still, lucky me.

In this life I have now, and the life I would want to have..

I would have to know how to deal with my nerves whenever I get to face the people I look up to.. or what they say… ADMIRE.

arte mo day! wehehe

kyut na kowt.

Ipinasa ni angeli roble..

“Isipin mo na lang ikaw ang huling pahina ng coloring book niya,

Makukulayan ka, maghintay ka lang..

Pudpod na ang krayola pagdating sa’yo, pero sigurado ka naman na hindi na siya lalampas sa mga guhit mo.

At wala nang next page pagkatapos mo. =)”

haha. nakyutan lang aketch.